University of Indianapolis


Watchdog is UIndy’s emergency alert system. In the event of a potential threat to health or safety, Watchdog sends phone, text and email messages to the campus community.

Register with Watchdog

If you’re new to UIndy, you’ll need to register for Watchdog and set a Watchdog password to make sure you receive alerts when they are sent.

To do so, go to Watchdog and look for the Register My Account area.

Change Your Watchdog Settings

Once you’ve registered with Watchdog, you may wish to review your settings from time to time to make sure they are current.

For example, if your phone number changes, you’ll need to enter the new number.

To do so, go to Watchdog and look for the Edit My Profile area.

When are Watchdog alerts sent?
We send alerts whenever there is a health or safety threat to the campus that requires a rapid and widespread notification. In the case of severe weather, we will issue an alert if a tornado warning (a tornado has been sighted) or other weather warning has been issued for Marion County.
Why should I provide additional contact information for Watchdog?
Watchdog alerts will be sent to all UIndy email addresses and campus phone numbers; however, there’s a good chance that you won’t be at your computer or wired phone when an emergency strikes. By signing up to receive alerts via cell phone, home phone or text, you can better ensure that you will get emergency information quickly.
I don't have text messaging on my cell phone. Can I still receive a Watchdog phone call to my cell?
Yes, you will receive a call to your cell phone as long as it is listed as a Mobile Contact.
What if I do not want text messages from Watchdog even though my phone is set up to receive texts?
Put your cell phone number in the “Voice Only Line Contacts” section rather than in the Mobile Contacts section.
How do I remove contact information or take myself completely out of Watchdog?
You can delete contact information or remove yourself from the system by editing your Watchdog profile through the link provided in this channel. WARNING: Be aware that Watchdog is in place for your safety and convenience as long as you are doing business on campus. If you are a current student or employee, removing yourself from the system or limiting ways in which you can be reached increases your safety risk during an emergency. You assume that risk if you take these actions.
May I add my parent or spouse's phone number to my Watchdog contact list, so they know when an alert is issued?
Yes, you can add that contact information to your profile, as long as the individuals have agreed to receive alerts.