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Greyhound Rewards


How do Greyhound Rewards work?

All you have to do is attend events! Scan the QR code at the check-in location of the event or program and you will receive a “point” for your attendance, tracked by the Office of Student Affairs. Accumulate enough points to receive a variety of exclusive prizes.

What programs are eligible for greyhound rewards?

What are the rewards that I can receive?

Number of Events Attended Reward
2 Events Phone Screen Cleaner
3 Events SLAB Lite Ring
5 Events SLAB Coffee Mug
10 Events Engraved Grady Water Bottle
15 Events UIndy Hat
20 Events SLAB Cooler Bag
30 Events Grady Pack Sweatshirt
40 Events $50 Bookstore Gift Card
50 Events Downtown Dinner

Greyhound Rewards