Public Safety

Emergency Procedures


  • As you evacuate, activate the nearest fire alarm.
  • Do not use elevators.
  • Do not enter building until authorized by emergency personnel.

Active Aggressor

  • Follow University lockdown procedures.
  • Shelter in place.
  • Run Hide Fight — do not go to rally point.


  • Evacuate the building using the nearest exit (or alternate if nearest is blocked). Report to a designated rally point.
  • Do not use elevators.
  • Take personal belongings (keys, shoes, wallet/purse, and your emergency go-kit).
  • Follow directions given by building safety officials.

Suspicious Person or Object

  • Do not physically confront the person. Do not touch or distrub any suspicious object.
  • Do not let anyone into a locked building/apartment/office.
  • Notify a campus official.
  • Be prepared to evacuate.




Tornado Shelter

  • Seek shelter underground.
  • Go to an interior hallway or lower floor if possible
  • Take cover under heavy furniture
  • Stay clear of all windows.
  • If outside, seek indoor shelter or lie flat in nearest depression.

Power Outage

  • Remain calm. Provide assistance to others if necessary.
  • Move cautiouisly and retrieve a flashlight. Proceed to a lighted area.
  • If you are in an elevator, remain calm and press the button with the phone receiver icon at the bottom of the elevator.


  • Take cover under a table or desk to avoid falling objects.
  • Do not attempt to evacuate the building until it is safe to do so.
  • If you are outside, move away from buildings, trees, and power lines.
  • Remain calm and be prepared for aftershocks.
  • Report to a designated assembly area.

Hazardous Materials

  • Move away from hazard site to safe location. Follow the instructions of emergency/housing personnel.
  • Alert others to stay clear of area.
  • Notify emergency personnel if you’ve been exposed or have information about the release.

Get Notified

Watchdog, the University’s emergency notification system, will be used to disseminate important information and instructions.

Be Prepared

Get a print-friendly copy of these emergency procedures