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Employee Voluntary Benefits

Dental Insurance

The University offers two voluntary dental insurance plans. The plans are designed to provide you and your family members with preventive, basic, and major dental care. As a valuable addition, Orthodontia benefits are included for dependent children to age 19. Coverage for new employees is the first day of the month following a 30-day waiting period. The full cost of dental coverage is paid by the employee on a pre-taxed basis.


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Flexible Benefit Program

This program is a tax-saving method of paying the employee’s qualified out-of-pocket medical/dental and dependent care expenses. By participating in this pre-tax benefit plan, an employee reduces his/her taxable earnings and pays less in taxes, which results in more spendable income. Participants agree to a specific dollar deduction each pay period and receive the benefit of lower federal, state and FICA taxes. Employee deductions are saved into their personal flexible spending account. An employee may submit a claim reimbursement form to receive tax-free reimbursement for eligible medical, dental and dependent coverage charges. The employee’s payroll deduction amount cannot be changed during the calendar year, except for a qualifying event, and any balance remaining 90 days after the end of the plan year is lost.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-Term Care Insurance is being offered to all full-time employees. This policy is designed to provide coverage for expenses incurred for long term care services whether they are received at home, in the community or in a nursing facility. This policy is being offered to the employee with a Guarantee Issue meaning you will not have to answer medical questions and you cannot be declined coverage if this is your initial enrollment. A discounted rate is offered to family members.

Short-Term Disability

This plan helps to protect participant’s income. Short-term disability replaces a portion of your income in an injury or illness that is not job-related forces you out of work for an extended period of time. Your benefit will be 60% of your Covered Weekly Earnings not to exceed the maximum benefit of $1,500 per week.

Disability Claim Form

Short-Term Disability Certificates of Insurance


Vision Insurance

An employee voluntary vision plan is offered to all eligible employees. The plan provides substantial discounts for in-network services to include exams, purchases/replacements of contact lenses and frames

Voluntary Life Insurance

Voluntary Life Insurance is being offered to all regular full-time employees. This policy is designed to provide a death benefit to your beneficiaries if you pass away. The employee will pay 100% of the cost of this insurance. This policy is being offered with a Guarantee Issue meaning you will not have to answer medical questions and you cannot be declined coverage if this is your initial enrollment. Coverage amounts begin to reduce beginning at age 70 with additional reductions at higher age limits.

Nationwide Pet Insurance

Pets are unpredictable. While it’s hard to anticipate accidents and illnesses, Nationwide® helps makes it a little easier to be prepared for them. From preventive care visits to significant medical incidents, Nationwide provides protection for pets when they need it most.

Nationwide policies cover a multitude of medical problems and conditions related to accidents and illnesses, including cancer. Coverage is available for dogs, cats, birds and exotic pets, plus optional wellness care coverage reimburses for vaccinations, flea/tick preventive and more. Policyholders are free to use any veterinarian worldwide —even specialists and emergency care providers.

Best of all, employees are eligible for preferred pricing which makes this peace-of-mind protection even more affordable.

Nationwide is the nation’s oldest and largest pet health insurance provider, and is the #1 choice in America for pet insurance.


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