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The University Series is a yearly collection of events, lectures, and activities that explore a theme and one or more of the university’s learning goals as means to encourage lively and thoughtful discussion and engagement of diverse and versatile topics. It is the series’ intention to create opportunities for students, staff, and community to come together and learn from leaders, scholars, and one another enhancing the intellectual life and community spirit of campus, the city, and beyond.

This Year’s Theme & Goals

In 2020-2022, we will be exploring the intersection of two of the university’s goals
social responsibility and critical thinking.

In “Making Our Way Home”, we are engaging in a dialogue about social responsibility. We are thinking critically, asking questions related to identity, acceptance, responsibility, establishment, and more. In this process, we are fostering microcosms of health and crafting ecologies of engagement between peoples. We are displaying our capacity for social responsibility, encountering, and negotiating new intersections along paths that may feel strangely familiar. As we consider and engage the realities of the world today, please join us in “Making Our Way Home,” contemplating who we are, where we are going, and how each of us defines “home.”

The series is open to meaningful and exciting formats in which to engage the yearly theme/goals. While many past events have taken the form of a lecture or performance the format can take many forms.

Anyone from the UIndy community can propose and plan an event that relates to the current theme and goals. Please note: If you are a student you will need a faculty, staff, or administrator co-sponsor.

Events typically take place during the Academic Year, August – May.

The University Series and University Series Committee can….

  • Assist with the planning of the event
  • Possibly assist with funding by providing an opportunity to apply for funding through one of the four endowed lectureships
    (See Funding Sources)
  • Provide a campus-wide platform for your event, speaker, scholarship, etc.
  • Widen marketing strategy & audience by being part of the series marketing
  • Expand capacity for department activities for a short period of time
  • Provide special opportunities for student engagement with guest speakers
  • Bring a speaker to campus around which you plan to build a symposium

Examples of Types of Past Events/Speakers:

  • Twyla Tharp
  • Paul Farmer
  • Neal DeGrasse Tyson
  • The Guerilla Girls

The Four Goals

Each year, for its University Series of lectures and performances, UIndy focuses on one (or more) of its four learning goals:

Critical Thinking: Students will make judgments through the application of intellectual criteria. The core components of critical thinking include evaluation, self-regulation, interpretation, analysis, inference, and explanation.

Creativity: Students will use their imagination and inventiveness in modifying or generating results.

Performance: Students will be able to demonstrate their mastery of subject content through their execution and communication of educational objectives.

Social Responsibility: Students will be able to make connections between the academic disciplines and the social environment of the local and broad community. The dimensions of social responsibility are identified by the Association of American Colleges and Universities as striving for excellence; cultivating personal and academic integrity; contributing to a larger community; taking seriously the perspective of others, and developing competence in ethical and moral reasoning

Funding Sources

There is no operating budget for the University Series. The committee works with departments, schools, and programmatic units to create collaborations that make it possible for us to leverage the maximum benefit for the greater good of the campus and community.

We also encourage units to propose activities that can be funded through the following four endowments.

The Penrod Lectureship

May be used for proposals that focus on topics of science and/or religion. This lectureship is unusual in that it permits a wider range of topics than any of the other endowed speaker funds. In some instances, proposals from the social sciences have been funded as well as the natural sciences. Proposals for events associated with non-Christian religions have also been funded through this fund. Currently, we are able to fund up to two proposals each year, provided that the events do not involve honorarium of more than $2,000 plus travel, meals, lodging per speaker/event. Endowment funds may also be used to pay for the costs of designing engagement activities between the speaker and UIndy students (graduate and undergraduate).

The Ratliff Lectureship

The Ratliff Lectureship in Ethics, Values, and Human Responsibility, which is coordinated by the College of Advanced Behavioral Sciences, explores the importance of ethics and values in every aspect of life.

The Showers Lectureship

The Showers Lectureship (named after the Evangelical United Brethren bishop J. Balmer Showers) considers proposals focusing on the Christian religion. Please keep in mind that the parameters of this endowment are quite specific. Through this endowment, we are able to fund more than one proposal per year. In recent years, the amount of money per lecture has ranged between $750 and $1,500 depending on the topic, availability, and prominence of the speaker. As with other lectureships, we strongly encourage event coordinators to give special attention to designing engagement activities between the speaker and UIndy students (graduate and undergraduate). These may take various forms ranging from a specially scheduled conversation with a select group of students to a meal and/or an additional interactive talk or activity.

The Sutphin Lectureship

The Sutphin Lectureship is restricted to topics in the Humanities. Currently, we are funding only one event per year. Endowment funds may also be used to pay for the costs of designing engagement activities between the speaker and UIndy students (graduate and undergraduate).

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